Why Should brands prioritise Social Media Marketing?

There is roughly 3.2 billion users on social sites almost every day. That’s 42% of the world’s population. If you haven’t created a social media strategy, there is no better time to start.

The beauty of social media is that every social platform has a unique audience. Companies can target those audiences, segmenting them by multiple specific demographics and interests. ie. you wouldn’t post your ‘Tik Tok’ content on ‘Facebook’ as the trending patterns do not match up.

So what are the benefits of Social media marketing as a business to consumer pov.?

 1.Improved Brand Awareness .

2. Improved brand loyalty and trust.

3. Building More Brand Authority.

4. Increased Organic Traffic.

5. Experience Higher Conversion Rate

Good social media branding will help consumers recognise content and campaigns. Interacting with your followers helps build trust, therefore they are more likely to continue to follow and support the brand. It is important to stay aware of your brands goals and not fall to far into trends where it becomes a novelty.

Following the SMART scheme will allow for you to outline your goals and what you want out of your marketing.

  • Specific. Determine what your purpose for using social media is.
  • Measurable. How are you planning to track the progress of your initial goals?
  • Attainable. Choose social media goals that can be easily accomplished. Create a simple plan on platforms that are easy to navigate!
  • Relevant. How does your social media enhance your brand image and business?
  • Timely. Properly plan time to produce content to see progress 

Are you looking for some help? I create content and strategy plans to help businesses grow in the current market. So whether you are needing advice on the newer platforms such as Tik Tok or looking to marketing on instagram, I can help you on your journey.


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